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The Planet is a full-service creative digital agency founded in 2011 by a diverse group of people who were eager to be ahead-of-the-curve and saw the transition from traditional to digital before others did.

We blend the objectives of our partners, customers' needs, and our out-of-the-ordinary creative vision to reach the best results and cut a unique path through the digital world.





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ThePlanet Digital Media

We don’t need to think outside the box. We like our box very much…. Come inside and take a look?

This team is where all the wacky minds meet and thrive. It’s not only about the account managers who build the very first relationship with our clients, it’s also about the data analysts, who grind on all the numbers and figures that help you move in the right direction, the inventive content creators who tell the story of your brand, our visionary designers who paint its image, and our community managers who step in and chat with our online friends. It all works out beautifully!

ThePlanet Tech

In this room full of geeks and nerds, everything is crafted from scratch.

When it comes to your online business, let us offer you a dynamic range of Web & Mobile application development services by using UX Research and UI Design to strike a perfect balance between form and function, with attractive elements. It goes beyond just the right design and visuals. We also care about functionality, usability, security and performance. Because we want to give your friends an experience worth the wicker every time they reach out to you.

ThePlanet Productions

It’s not just about beauty-shots and cool effects, you know?

If you decide to stop by us, you’re probably making the right decision for your brand. We are the creative Wizards who will create a big idea that fits your objectives then produce it from scratch, be it on TV, Radio or Digital. Starting from ideation, conceptualization, casting, editing and shooting we stay up until your video is online killing it!